St Anton 2016

This year’s annual skiing trip went to Austria, St Anton instead of Crans Montana where we have been skiing for the past two years. A little less sun than Crans but a much bigger resort and definitely a place I would come back to. Now I’m back in a grey and rainy London where I…

Take me back

Take me back to a sunny Crans and away from this grey and rainy London..


When it’s snowy and you can’t see anything up in the slopes the sun is still shining down in the town and it’s a perfect excuse for some window shopping!

Skiing in the sunshine

The last few days we’ve had amazing weather and the skiing has been incredible. Really don’t want to go home to rainy London any time soon…

Crans Montana

Powder snow, an empty piste and some sunshine, what more can you ask for?

Ready for some snow!

Skiing Essentials Warm jumpers, gloves, knitted hat, Moon Boots, and of course to add some colour to the trip, blue lens sunglasses! Hoping for some sun in the slopes and some colour on my nose!

Skiing Booked

Wihoo we have finally booked skiing for this year! Can’t wait for February!

Happy New Year everyone (Better late than never…)

Sorry for the break but once I got to Finland I didn’t have very much internet and when I finally got to Switzerland and had internet I didn’t have enough time! But now I’m back in London and back to reality again. My New Year’s holiday was amazing, I loved skiing and I definitely want…

Skiing inspiration

It’s getting closer to my skiing trip and I’m starting to stress. Not so much about the skiing, even though I haven’t been for so many years, but more for my clothes! I wish I could look like Elin Kling does in these pictures, love her black ski outfit. However I need a helmet.. Which…