Another dream home on the Swedish property market, I love everything about this home which is being sold by Lagerlings. Love the Howard sofa and armchair, the blue and white vases around the flat and the marble kitchen and bathrooms.. House envy at its best. Need to buy a new frame like this gold one for…

Another Hemnet Dream Home

I love looking through Hemnet for home inspiration and this evening I found this amazing flat on Grevgatan in Stockholm. I love how this flat has been decorated, exactly the style I would like my own house to have. Love the white and beige colour scheme and love love the blue and white urn in…

Interior Design Trends Autumn 2015

This years Formex focused around a Nordic theme and as I said before the overall feel was very light! So for autumn 2015 one of the main colour trends is green, and not only as the colour but also as in living green and thinking of the environment and sustainability. And I spotted so many…

Formex 2015

Today I’ve spent the day at Formex looking out for the upcoming interior design trends for autumn 2015 and I have to say we have a pretty bright autumn to look forward to! One of my favourite things about Formex this year was all the flowers, plants and grass on display in tall vases all…

Crayfish Season at Svenskt Tenn

It’s crayfish season in Sweden and my mum and I went into Svenskt Tenn today where they had styled a table for the festivities. Their fabric Italian Dinner suits especially well this time of year and as I’ve said before I love the bamboo cutlery..! Definitely an inspiration for our next crayfish party. 

Shabby Chic ?

Best place to spend Swedish summers – in the countryside in an old summer cottage from the 18th century. The style for my bedroom was decided when I was young and it still is pink and white with flowers and hearts which dominates this room. Almost a bit shabby chic, or perhaps more shabby than…

Zetas Trädgård

We were too early yesterday for Ikea as the Isle Crawford collection apparently doesn’t come into stores until today or tomorrow.. So we will have to do another visit this week! And now that the new Ikea catalogue was released today we would have to go again anyways! But before our visit to Ikea we…

R.O.O.M. Täby Centrum

At the moment I’m home in Sweden and I’ve spotted the blue and white trend here as well! R.O.O.M. in Täby Centrum styled their shop with both Spode jumbo cups as pots holding plants as centerpieces and my favourite sofa, the Howard sofa was styled with flower and zebra patterned cushions.

Dinner at Berns

Sushi dinner at Berns restaurant in Stockholm. One of the prettiest looking restaurants in Stockholm, imagine having a dining room like that in your home!

Summer in Stockholm

After leaving a hot Bali I came home to an (almost) even hotter Sweden! And without the Bali air conditioning it definitely felt a lot warmer! So when my home was too hot to stand I spent the days at Djurgården, one of the prettiest places in Stockholm. 

Swedish midsummer and Finnish archipelago

Last week was Swedish midsummer and as my English boyfriend never has experienced this before I brought him to Sweden to show him what he’s missed out on. And after all the drinking, singing and spontaneous tractor rides we took to boat over to Finland so that he got to see Helsinki and the Finnish archipelago….

First of Advent

This Sunday it was the first of Advent in Sweden.. In London there is no Christmas feeling at all, it was such a difference coming back. I need to change this.