It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

My home is ready for Christmas and so am I! All the gifts are bought and I am ready to go to Finland and then home to Sweden. A little disappointed that there won’t be any snow.. but I guess as long as it’s cosy inside it doesn’t really matter!  

Christmas wreath workshop

Last week my friend brought me to a Christmas wreath workshop at an interior design shop in Islington called Aria where we got to make our own Christmas wreaths. Even though mine started out as a bit of a disaster I think it turned out really nicely in the end! This will definitely have to…


This weekend my mum was here and visited me which means a weekend with a lot of fun, a lot of bus riding and of course some sort of cultural event. This time it was the PAD London fair for art and design which my mum wanted to see which took place in Berkeley Square….

Halloween Decorations

Halloween is coming up and as this is one of my favourite holidays I’ve started decorating the house a bit with halloween decorations even though I know it’s almost three weeks away.. But the supermarkets here seem to agree with me that this is not early at all! I will wait a bit with buying…

Happy Weekend

My idea of a perfect September weekend, lit candles, tea in my favourite cup, fresh flowers in a beautiful vase, a pair of cosy slippers, a blanket and a book that will help you change your life in a year!

Flowers at home

Felt like summer again in London this weekend and these bright flowers in our conservatory made it feel even more summery. I like the flower trend, will definitely try to buy more flowers for the house more often! 

Weekend Breakfast

Bank Holiday weekends deserve a nice breakfast and as I’ve said before I just can’t get enough of the blue and white… Need to go back to Peter Jones soon to see if they have some more of these Spode bowls.

A day in the country

What better way to spend the weekend than in the English country side? A day of walking around and eating, eating and eating.

Back Home

Back home in London with a few new things for the house! It’s always fun coming home from Sweden with new things to decorate the house with. A couple of the things from this trip was this new brass lamp in line with the autumn trends and new cushions in Josef Frank’s La Plata fabric…

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! The egg hunt is over and now it’s time to get stuck in in all the sweets! It’s a bit sad that Easter passes so quickly, I feel like I’ve just put up all the decorations and now it’s already time to take them down.. I’ll have to find something else to…

Easter Decorations

My house is being filled with Easter decorations this week and I can’t wait to do an Easter egg hunt in the garden! The only disappointment is that I can’t seem to find any Swedish Easter eggs which you can fill with sweets inside anywhere in London.. But I will keep looking, and I’m also…

Balcony dreams

As summer is approaching I’m starting to dream of having a balcony, and even though we have a garden I still think a balcony is much cosier! At home in Sweden we have a balcony and it’s just the best place to spend summer evenings.. But with some new garden furniture I will try to…