8193a876a5dcb82303cfcd8641d8313e.pngAnother dream home on the Swedish property market, I love everything about this home which is being sold by Lagerlings. Love the Howard sofa and armchair, the blue and white vases around the flat and the marble kitchen and bathrooms.. House envy at its best. 451624de1574af45a84143c6eae84f71.png7d7ccf6e8ade77e202f686fa3795858c.png386e262b6e67b5a5d0077ae49dc6c049.png42f3cb985b6ad486a8c1dc6bce540f2f.pngd8c978c25857f6d1248023ed05459d89.pngefaa9a4dec7f444cac6d7e305cea0eb2.pngNeed to buy a new frame like this gold one for our framed scarf in the hallway. 6eee3c650b3fc222c4ba2ad1d6acb5ff.pnga5364d8ea2d9f4402b763b5b27c7953d.png310acc7f1bb7d66d1f588d6481cd3b3f.png29a6cb73b7750a8cb2494719812eac86.pngI would love to have this kind of a wallpaper in our downstairs toilet! I think it’s amazing when you make an extra effort to decorate and make something special of small guest toilets like this. 4f484a8e5f8a110531ccd4c736e98cb6.png472355c0a6caf328699931f66f927a19.png

3 Comments Add yours

  1. annelieeve says:

    Such an amazingly beautiful apartment! Perfectly decorated. Thank you for giving me lots of new ideas 🙂

  2. annelieeve says:

    Also: love the marble and the different floors!

    1. Ah thanks 🙂 Yes I know I just wish it was my home though haha but maybe one day! 😀

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