Ralph Lauren Home

Lauren-Home-1As I am a lover of classic homes and the American classic style, Ralph Lauren is really a favourite of mine for home decor and interior design inspiration and I love these photos which are a mix from their collections and Ralph Lauren’s own homes and offices. scan0017My favourite blue and white urns, would love to have these in my home!96f9b5893a37758620badfaf260218346a268a0b5a266c15ce1ad15b3431c224Also love these big blue and white bedside lamps and the dark wooden bed and chair.b94f19b8a4ec1df2ab37647dc5ea51fc f9c7e02d18476fedaf8198975e3d0efe239f599f4b2b22b04f4eeeab6b187df83f804f2e359f85cbd4f83f4c54905c3b1b13ad47c213600391fd79ffafe48ef4ae0f449543ba8e84c11e35ca4e0e6350

Photos from Architectual Digest and Pinterest

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