Understairs toilet

bbbca4449f7c1492e565ba758069aabeWe haven’t even finished (or started!) renovating our first bathroom in the house and I’m already looking for inspiration for the next one even though I know it will take a while until we get to this one.. Our main bathroom will be very white and bright but for the understairs guest toilet I want to paint it in a dark colour, either black, dark blue or dark grey but most probably black. I’m also thinking of what curtains I could have with this dark colour and I think maybe I should break it off with white curtains? What do you think, should I stick to dark all the way or break it off with a lighter curtain?adc287c01a45726418e009b2146728948bb9e7f15550c818cd24fa49d3b7db7d1af161befc90eea8bddb13e82441380f18cecb359736c0cee0ed552ec10750fd0f3dee2614716f52f34e956bedd5009cefe9b44eb623a855eb3fe51ceb4d47cf5444c331c38f79ecf50930e573a7b1c91c3856a5f4af4f4ec4a80f11b52764835b282e830f749296c2518ca43889f998d060cdc68a6c52e106d092271bb801ce
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