Kitchen tiles chosen

abd4d33f253344936099733c48fbd987So after a lot of ifs and buts we have finally chosen which kitchen tiles to go with and we have ordered the grey tiles. I’m hoping that the finished result will look a little bit like these photos! A bit country life with the different sizes of the tiles and the concrete look of the tiles. Now on to the bathroom and the staircase! Can’t wait for the building work to start so I can show some before and after photos. dbf533b8fb6d3c66ba6390fbb4d4167f0342298e33c2fff486d7c485eec4aca43f0dc8d6e9543e675e1b06713689186acc62e52f4c42036a560af34324b6f66c106c190f344e3268536686b7a045ee72The amazing thing is that the two images above are the exact same kitchen as the one in the first image of this post, even though the floor looks like completely different colours in all three photos. This shows how much you can do with the lighting and if the colour is not right at least you can trick the eye with the right lighting.

See all images on my Pinterest kitchen board

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