At home with the Kardashians

39147-1_og_article_landscapeVogue Living Australia have made an ‘at home’ reportage with the Kardashian sisters Khloé and Kourtney from their homes decorated by interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard and there is a lot to like here!1126123-1_og_gallery
Love the classic wooden sun loungers by the pool, if I one day have a pool I really want these types of sun loungers. 1126122-1_og_gallery1126124-1_og_gallery1126126-1_og_gallery1126128-1_og_gallery
Ever since I was a kid myself kids rooms have been some of my favourite rooms in a home. I love rooms which help bring out creativity and allows kids to play and be imaginative like this one with a performance stage and a whole wall to draw on. 1126127-1_og_gallery1126130-1_og_gallery1126129-1_og_gallery1126125-1_og_gallery
Love the limestone tiles, similar shape as the ones we are getting for our kitchen even though we have gone for the grey ones and not the beige option in the end. Hopefully ours will look as good as these do in our kitchen.1126136-1_og_gallery1126132-1_og_gallery1126133-1_og_gallery1126134-1_og_gallery
I love love cosy and relaxed outdoor rooms in gardens like this one with the perfect mix of different lights, plants and lounges to relax on. Also like the mirror on the wall over the fireplace giving a reflection of the light.
I’ve said it so many times that I don’t really have to say it again but I just love white classic kitchens like this, and this floor is just perfect. 1126137-1_og_gallery1126138-1_og_gallery
Check out my previous blog post about coral, here you can really talk about crazy for coral..
All in all, huge yay from me! What do you think? Yay or Nay

Photos: Vogue Living Australia 

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