Interior inspiration from films and TV

When I watch films and TV-series my main focus is on the interiors of the environments the characters are in, and a not so good plot can be completely ignored if the homes are beautiful. Some of my favourite homes are the ones below, I can watch these films and TV-series over and over again just dreaming of the sets.. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own home keep this in mind while watching your favourite TV series or films and you might find some great inspiration!

Something’s Gotta Give
This is one of my favourite films which I’ve watched with my parents a million times. I love this classic beach house American style. kitchenclassicnoh1Diane-Keaton-in-Somethings-Gotta-Give-kitchendh2015_great-room_open-french-doors-to-patio_h.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.853dam-images-set-design-somethings-gotta-give-somethings-gotta-give-set-h670Somethings-Gotta-Give-Ericas-writing-nook

It’s Complicated
Another Nancy Meyers film where you just can’t stop drooling over the home.Its Complicated Meryl Streep kitchenBest-interior-designers-James-Radin-6-705x300

The Parent Trap
Nancy Meyers is just a genius clearly. My favourite movie as a child. tumblr_n83ljh3Aur1r8vo7wo1_128060a336fb497500712da2a83939c7af087a2c4457345b25cfc6fb37682ec67858Parent-Trap-movie-London-house-staircase

Grace and Frankie
Netflix series with a new season out now, can’t wait to watch it and get some more inspo. I think I need to get a beach house at some point in my life, or at least get the chance to decorate one.

The Good Wife
I love The Good Wife and I love Alicia Florrick’s living room with the built in bookcases, the fireplace and the white glass doors.landscape-1431975083-the-good-wife-living-roomfa5e451e02869fa80253159cc13418f3looking-out-into-the-entry-hall-611x343

Another beach house yes, but how can you not love the Graysons house..Grayson-manor-kitchen-2-Revenged45be374e9f52923407ab8299709801drevenge-the-great-roomGrayson-great-room-fireplace-Victoria-RevengeGrayson-manor-foyer-2-Revenge

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