Kitchen Floors

Just like with bathrooms I love classic style kitchens and as our kitchen already has the style we like we don’t have to make any changes to it but what we do need to do is change the floor in the kitchen as the tiles are beginning to break in some places and we would like to get underfloor heating. So I’ve had a look through my favourite Pinterest for kitchen floors and I’ve realised that the floor is really not in focus that much when it comes to kitchens.. Most kitchens seem to have wooden so I’m having some difficulties finding some good inspiration for tiles but this is where I’m at!38ad2da771aa3bd440e314945a9f97c4eea543c4ad99c296ebb2b1a96e5f5135I think we will either go for something greyish like this.. a37ca66080f193964c06bc3d1a55c1ccOr something beige pinkish like this!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClassic black and white tiles always works but I think it would be a bit much for us.a4ed15875f6e4bb12e250a603f80abbbb1f322ad996f0081d88711b3c777418893263e48e09d41be15a1f3f84bb7f80e3f9e018859b1eb51b0ec6bbd917f3623cba545599edfa4dd8af4ae082ebe05cfIf I could have wooden floors instead then they would definitely look like these in style with the future staircase as well…

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