Another Hemnet Dream Home

I love looking through Hemnet for home inspiration and this evening I found this amazing flat on Grevgatan in Stockholm. I love how this flat has been decorated, exactly the style I would like my own house to have. Love the white and beige colour scheme and love love the blue and white urn in the window.d7909728b4b6714dff0870e49eca516c_980x0_c_85_s_v444c7426e3544601d10efc0f7c37f962a_980x0_c_85_s_v4906c2161892f994a17b446d21e4cc22f_980x0_c_85_s_v4ea9877449556b19a25bcf04475b782af_980x0_c_85_s_v4549d4095214b74366c0ab260cf575d70_980x0_c_85_s_v428d2440d70e791c656a40bc5401b29ac_980x0_c_85_s_v492938a8f654482738cfc3c25f507da1c_980x0_c_85_s_v45bd4e2450f527d840e85cdac10565cd4_980x0_c_85_s_v43efb583a0a223112ceed56d83542c563_980x0_c_85_s_v4


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