H&M Home Christmas Trends

625ed611ce5733214aab3a45bf0c0bc0With less than a month to Christmas I think it is officially okay to start decorating! I saw H&M Home stock up with their Christmas decorations already in October but I have managed to keep myself from buying anything until now when I feel that Christmas is actually almost here. I love their large christmas baubles, the tea towels and the glittery candles. 77ae87516b647d203a0dbb4471399ef8778f8c1334de565a61abaa085dc79e4a4ab19445ce4f2052b0455d9f68e2022d4b510ac9fca7b9e75870f0873dc2ff2d944d5437b86e1850460b5ce3d478e03ec23a9bb7e439e97c14bfefca4b4ef31805f52fe819c916c7c1ec7cb89890a655

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