Flowers, Plants and Branches – An Autumn Trend?

IMG_7905After visiting Formex and seeing all of these flowers, plants and branches nicely styled in tall vases I really got inspired to bring more of this into my home too! A great way to keep summer alive a little longer now that autumn is approaching and this is clearly an autumn trend as well. IMG_7908IMG_7947IMG_7960I saw these flowers at Zetas Trädgård as well which not only are beautiful with their dark red colour but also smell of chocolate!IMG_7961IMG_7966IMG_7970IMG_7977IMG_8053IMG_8017IMG_8027IMG_8033IMG_8041I love this styling for when a bouquet of roses is almost dying and only a few of the roses still are blooming and you can use them on their own like this in small drinking glasses. IMG_8042

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