2013 in pictures part five

IMG_5331Okay, I promise there will soon be posts from this year on the blog.. I just had such a nice year 2013 so I can’t really let go of this year resumé. But now I’ve come to October, so there’s not many months left of the year.
In October I went to the Caribbean for the second time of the year with my dad, which was very nice.

IMG_5163IMG_5220Skärmavbild 2014-02-10 kl. 21.13.59Me trying to perpetuate my outfits.. Next time I should remember to do this on the beach instead of the lift…  IMG_5276IMG_5341IMG_5323I realise when I look at these pictures how bad I really am at taking the opportunity to take pictures! I have such a nice camera, I really need to start using it more! That should be a delayed new years resolution for this year… Next 2013 post will be up soon so I can start focusing on what’s happening NOW!

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